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Ron 2 years ago
Once picked up a girl hitching on hyway 70, she told me she would fuck for a room and shower, so I took her to motel and after her shower she sucked and fucked me for hours, best deal I ever had I ended up taking her to the her destination.
KYA 3 years ago
Love how this “homeless” bitch got a Prada bag
3 years ago
Uhhh this is just to fucking weird.
2 years ago
Why the homeless near me never look this way?
sunny 1 year ago
very nice
3 years ago
Im more upset by the comments section...
Is she a model or just a sex fiend?
Eschaton 1 year ago
Nobody goes around fucking homeless people any more. That's how you get AIDS
Freddie mac 2 years ago
Find a dude with a hard dick next time